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About Us

Our story

The idea of running a lighting webstore came from the inner passion for interior design and shades within it. We believe that each interior is unique and is vastly embodied by the lighting solutions. Quality lighting can completely transform any room whether you’re looking for a function, semblance or a simple human emotion.

The brands that we represent not only offer high-quality lamps, but also help to fill home with beautiful accents for any interior. Every lighting has its own story and is created by talented designers. We search and select only the best modern manufacturers, whose products are illustrated on many interior projects and magazine publications.


Our Values

  • Quality. We may sound a bit stenciled, but the quality is the number one value when selling premium products. We stand for our products and the quality behind them.
  • Design. Our products provide function, but the design is the key ingredient when speaking about value. Thus, we know that small details make big changes.
  • Customer. Just as any modern business, we are customer-oriented. We strive for excellence and do our best so that the customers would fall in love with their purchase.