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Atticus P114 outdoor

Designed for decorative lighting of private gardens, provides magical warmth to outdoor spaces. These small lamps can be placed under trees or between plants, giving each designer the freedom to create the atmosphere they want.
Abailable with cord (230V) and cordless (battery charger included).

Both modifications have on/off switch.

Manufacturing time:  up to 3 weeks

Technical Details:

Color: white/light beige shade or brown/brown shade
height 114 cm, diameter 20 cm
Weight: 2.83 kg
Voltage: 230V (with cord) or 5Vdc (1.5A) (cordless)
Dimmer: no
Bulbs: 8.4W LED, 2700K, 1122 lm (with cord), 3.2W LED, 2700K, 400lm (cordless)
Cordless lamp:
On-Off Switch. Operation 50% 100%.
Battery charging time: +/- 5.30 hours.
Battery duration time at 100%: +/- 5 hours.
Battery duration time at 50%: +/- 11 hours.
Certifications: IP66 – CE – EAC

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