Barcelona is the home for Bover and inspiration for much of our lighting. BCN is the code used as shorthand for our city and has given the name to this fixture. In addition to the brilliant lacquered version of BCN we have increased this family to include a discreet, but sophisticated sconce fusing LED technology with our hand wrapped ribbon with top and lower diffuser in polycarbonate. BCN creates a contemporary but timeless fixture suited for hallways, vanities or anywhere a low profile sconce may be required.

Manufacturing time:  up to 3 weeks

Technical Details:

Color: white
length 24 cm, height 6 cm, depth 11.5 cm
Weight: 1.28 kg
Voltage: 230V
Dimmer: yes
Bulbs:  8.2W LED, 2700K, 840lm
Certifications: IP20 – CE – EAC

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