Cervantes suspension


Cervantes is a truly noble light, its shapely form both splendid and sublime. When creating this suspension and wall lamp, designer Burkhard Dämmer was inspired by Señor Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish novelist and dramatist who was fond of sporting a ruff collar.

Cervantes demonstrates the remarkable pliability of wood veneer. The ruff-like pattern, with its elaborate figure-of-eight folds, is fashioned into an intriguing latticework of wood strips. Set into a luminaire shaped like a concave lens, the wood strips make the ideal light diffuser. 

You can choose between regular dimmable lamp, or dimmer + bluetooth, which can be dimmed with a wall dimmer or through an app installed in a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Manufacturing time: 3-5 weeks

Technical Details:

Colours: 10 wood shades + black or white acrylic base
Dimensions: ø70 x 22 cm
Weight: 10,4 kg
Cable length: 200 cm
Bulb: integrated LED
Input Voltage: 220-240V or 120-277V
Dimmable: yes
Certification: CE

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