City long


CITY long is a spotlight with unbeatable, solid quality that can be angled to cast its light in any direction. The aluminium lampshade conducts heat away from the lamp, meaning that you can still touch it even after several hours of uninterrupted use.

The design is pared back and clean without any superfluous details, echoing the principles of minimalism and Scandinavian functionalism.

The lamp is weatherproof and can be used both inside and outside. Both the base and the shade of the LED light source are made from black-lacquered aluminium, complemented by polished aluminium to highlight the functionality even further.

The circular base, which is completely sealed, weatherproof and water-repellant, contains  the electronics and connections for the light source.

The lacquered surface is slightly roughened and matte, meaning that you won’t see any greasy finger prints or dead insects. The structure of the exterior surface will ensure that CITY looks good outdoors for years to come, while still being refined and smooth enough to work indoors.

Manufacturing time: 2-4 days

Technical Details:

Colour: black
City 1: 65 x 70 x 420 mm
City 2: 85 x 90 x 620 mm
Bulb (included):
City 1: 6W LED, 540 lm
CIty 2: 10W LED, 900 lm
Input Voltage: 220-240V
Certification: IP54

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