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Cornet bollard outdoor

Cornet has a personality strongly rooted in nature and it brightens the space it is in. It is a lamp made of polyurethane, which is a hard and resistant material that is perfect for public spaces. The Cornet’s use is very versatile.In all of its designs, Cornet includes a dimmable LED source that distributes light through the lamp’s undulating layers, creating an atmosphere that is natural, slightly broken, but never dominant.

Anchoring for foundation available as accessory. Anchoring to ground, screws and anchors not included.

Manufacturing time:  up to 3 weeks

Technical Details:

Color: stone grey

Small: height 27 cm, width 25.6 cm
Medium: height 52 cm, width 25.6 cm
Large: height 77 cm, width 25.6 cm
Weight: 3.31 kg (S), 5.1 kg (M), 5.75 kg (L)
Voltage: 230V
Dimmable: yes
Bulbs: 8W LED, 2700K, 860lm
Certifications: IP66 – CE – EAC

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